Sunrise Over The Atlantic

Welcome Aboard!

On the following pages you will find, should you wish to trawl through them, the thoughts and musings, some random some a little bit more cohesive, of a middle aged airline pilot who made his way to the very front seat of a commercial jet almost by accident. Not that I didn’t want to fly I always did, from the age of nine I wanted to be an astronaut. I’m still hopefully waiting for NASA to call and as more and more companies throw things into space. I am getting more optimistic!

Right now the world of aviation is pretty much on its arse. As I write this the world is in the middle of a pandemic outbreak and probably about to plunge into some form of recession. I’m not really sure if there are different types of recession as I’m not a financial expert but you could put your money (if you have any left) on it affecting aviation for a while yet.

So with a lot more time on my hands than I am comfortable with, I thought I would write some of my thoughts and stories down. Not because I want you to read them but because it is something I have been meaning to do for a while and this is an easy way for me to work in one place, any time and from any device. I’m also hoping my kids find it interesting to know a bit more about their dad without me having to sit through all the eye rolling, yawning and phone checking as I regail them with my words of wisdom!

Names, dates and descriptions aren’t necessarily accurate although I try my best but memories fade with the passing years, which is another reason I wanted to write it all down! I will change some names simply because I don’t want to embarrass anyone and have to deal with angry letters from people who feel I have said something they don’t agree with. If you think I am writing about you, I am not, but if you can’t think who it might be and it sounds familiar, well ……